Twisted Hippo has made it their mission to brew beer that is artful by design and twisted by nature. They believe community, kindness, and damn good beer. Whatever you drink, whatever you do, follow your heart and 'Embrace YOUR Strange.’ 


marilee - Founder


Pinky and Beefy’s Roasted Journey Schwarzbier with Coffee 5%
Woah. Excellent! I have a feeling things are about to change in a most outstanding way. This season, Pinky and Beefy (Esq.) find themselves on a truly roasted adventure. Together, they have composed a triumphant black lager, and dialed up the coffee notes with a bean steep expertly designed by our pals at Hexe. Nothing bogus about this beer. We all have a destiny to fulfill. Be excellent to each other!

Black Umbrella Oatmeal Rye Stout 7.5% 
HEY! HEY! YOU! Pass me that umbrella, would you? Yup.The black one. Whatever the weather, this stout’s got you covered. Our stout’s a little special on account ‘a the rye. It’s got a nice round body,but using rye makes it all spicy and clean, so it’s spiffy in any season - or when Mother Nature just can’t decide what season it should be. Rain,sleet or shine, it’s delightful anytime… Just. Like.You. Stay tasty, baby!

Stardust Grapefruit Golden Ale brewed with Gin Botanicals 6.4%
This gin-inspired Golden Ale with Grapefruit is a total blam blam. We’ve really got a good thing going - juniper berry, angelica root, cardamon, coriander and grapefruit peel getting freaky with Azacca & Cascade hops. Whether jamming good with Weird and Gilly or freaking out in a moonage daydream. Stardust may be just the beer light to guide us - really quite out of sight. So lean back on your radio, let all the children boogie, and remember, love, you’re not alone, no matter who or what you’ve been. Big hearts, Ziggy. Big, big hearts.

Kraken’s Bramble Triple Berry Gose 5.0%
AVAST THAR MATEY. Yer’ about to “krak” into a beautiful, briney, balanced, brambled brew. Kraken’ Bramble has been kissed by the sea and properly doused with a hefty helping of blackberry, boysen berry and raspberry. One squeeze from these eight voluptuous arms and you’ll agree: this Fruity Booty is a treasure indeed.

Nom Wall Hoppy Pale Ale 4.3%
Nom Nom Nom! This hoppy pale is dedicated to the back-of-house crew at the original Twisted Hippo, forever framed in our hearts by the hungry pink hippo that somehow survived a catastrophic fire. With a hop bill that hints at tangerine, grapefruit and passionfruit, it's the perfect accompaniment to your favorite pub fare, but still stands alone as a superior shifty. Through the unthinkable, a beer that's unsinkable. Hippos heart you! 

Beeting Heart Kolsch brewed with Roasted Beets 7.2%
THA-THUMP. THA-THUMP. THA-THUMP. Hush and behold the sound of my Beeting Heart, thumping with a passion for the reddest of roots. Our roasted red lovelies hold hands with the light citrus touch of a Kolsch and go skipping into a deep, dark, delightful sunset together. Clang the bells and bang the gongs; this is a Beet Beer with capital “B’s” and we couldn’t “B” more in love with this weird, wonderful brew. 

Biere Du Bacle Grisette 3.2%
Get the grisette and you won’t get upset. Brewed up with Brett, our mixed fermentation table beer is light, crisp, and citrusy, with a teeny bit of funk. Pair it with some spicy Q and love that sass in your glass. 

Ol’ St. Auggie’s Hoppy Farmhouse Ale 6.5%
They see me rollin’... and I be Saint-in’. All praise Saint Augustine of Hippo, the Patron Saint of Beer. I gotta tell ya’ – this Belgian-style beverage is both earthly AND angelic. Luscious and fruity? YUP. Hefty hop bill? BOOM. Refreshing AF? Hallelujah. Auggie is a super versatile vessel fit for saints and sinners alike. HOLY hippo. It’s seriously delish!

Golden Lasso Honey Cream Ale 5.6%
It’s no wonder we’re inspired. Our tribute to the baddest Diana this side of Paradise Island may have been brewed by mere mortals, but Mama Hippolyta would find this beverage worthy of gracing any Amazon feast. Lasso yourself a light, bright cream ale brewed with goldenrod honey. Legend tells it was stirred with the bedazzing transformation of a young Lynda Carter in star-spangled cuffs, but we’re pretty sure that was just brewer Karl in costume. OMG. Slay, Demigoddess. SLAY.