When he formed Around the Bend Beer Co. back in 2014, our founder, Dan Schedler, believed there was a better way to brew. He knew that the giant mega-breweries only cared about saving a buck, so they brewed cheap, flavorless beer. They brewed boring beer and tried to convince people it was good because the can would turn blue when it was cold. WTF?! 

No, there was a better way and it involved searching out forgotten beer styles and experimenting with non-traditional ingredients. This new way, at its core, was about navigating the road less traveled. It was about constantly searching for what might be around the next bend. 

So that’s what we do. We take classic styles and imbue them with an experimental edge. Some of our beers are a little goofy. Others are delicate and refined. But they’re all damn delicious. So pour yourself a glass and let’s find out together what’s Around the Bend. 

Around the Bend Beer Co. 

Joe had an already impressive brewing career before joining ATB, with over 17 years experience under his belt. His first stint as Head Brewer was for Skagway Brewing Co. where he compiled many awards including best beer in South East Alaska. After a year in the wilds, Joe decided to move back to San Diego where he became an assistant at Pizza Port Brewing and then Alesmith (named best brewery in the world, 2013). After establishing himself in the market, Joe soon took over as the brew master for Sports City Caféand Brewery where he won multiple GABF and World Beer Cup awards. During his tenure at Sports City, he also became the original President of the San Diego Brewers Guild. He subsequently helped launch several upstart breweries including Green Flash Brewing Co. Joe has worked with some of the best brewers in the world. He is committed to making the highest quality, most innovative beers possible.

Joe Cuozzo -
Head Brewer

Dan functions as the day-to-day leader of the organization. Prior to launching the brewery, he accumulated nearly 20 years experience as an ad-man and marketer, leading teams large and small to achieve success for blue-chip brands. But corporate America began to weigh on him and the entrepreneurial bug bit hard. He was also a home-brewer for 20+ years before launching ATB. So when it came time to do something new, there was never really any question about which path he would follow. Dan also holds a certificate of completion from the Siebel Institute (America’s oldest brewing school) in brewing technology. 

Dan Schedler - Founder/Brewer