Casa Humilde Cervecería Artesanal (“humble house” in Spanish) was founded by José and Javier Lopez, two Mexican-American brothers from the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago. Their mission is simple: to create great beers that can be enjoyed in any setting. Casa Humilde beers range from traditional and modern styles to beers with a twist that showcase traditional Latin ingredients near and dear to their roots.

Casa Humilde released their first two beers—Maizal Mexican Lager and Nopalli Prickly Pear Farmhouse Ale—at the Brew Yards in August 2019 and officially joined the beer hall with their own tap wall on November 1st. #StayHumilde

Casa Humilde
Cervecería Artesanal 

Growing up in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood, Javier Lopez, often helped his father in his craft of building iron fences around the Chicagoland area. These experiences instilled in Javier a strong work ethic and love of working with his hands. 

Being the first born son of Mexican immigrants, Javier is family-oriented, soft-spoken and an overall witty guy who has served on the Hermosa Neighborhood Association board for two consecutive years thus far. Graduating from Lincoln Tech after studying automotive technology, he switched gears completely and joined the Electricians Union Local 134, where he has been able to happily tinker his days away while starting a hobby: crafting beers and discovering ingredients at home with youngest brother, José.

Fast-forward four years to present times, and it’s safe to say that a simple hobby turned passion as Casa Humilde Cerveceria takes over Javier’s free time. His love of tinkering and family has helped lay a solid foundation for the vision of the brand as the Lopez brothers continue to expand their brewery business and connections. Still active in his community volunteer efforts, Javier hopes the expansion of Casa Humilde will provide space for opportunities to give back in the Hermosa community and bridge the gap between Mexican-American consumers and the craft beer industry.

Javier Lopez - FOUNDER

José Lopez has always been a big fan of good music, good food and especially good beer. As a child, he would always buy the latest cassettes and CDs from his favorite bands, especially Los Tigres Del Norte. He always loves to try all kinds of food and really enjoys cooking. He is definitely not a picky eater!

After high school, he started a band with his friends and kept that band going for 8 years. After bringing his music career to an end, he decided it would be fun for him and his older brother Javier to learn how make beer similar to the craft beer they were enjoying at the time.

Four years into homebrewing, Casa Humildecerveceria has emerged and a new chapter in their brewing journey begins

José Lopez - FOUNDER