A Place for Friends



Go Big

The milestones in your life are unforgettable. Make sure your event lives up to everyone’s expectations with the District Brew Yards.

At the District Brew Yards we want to be part of your holiday celebrations, networking lunches and family gatherings. What could be better than plenty of BBQ alongside our variety of 40 drafts? Bring your crew in for a cool & casual good time.

We’re Great for Groups

No Reservations Needed

Our communal seating and casual atmosphere make us a great place for groups! Whether you’ve got 4 or 40 friends, you can find space at the Brew Yards. Our open style beer hall makes us great for large, casual groups. Everyone checks in with the cashier so you never have to worry about splitting tabs. Our pour-your-own tech means there’s no waiting on bartenders or servers and there’s no pressure to get more (or less) than you want.

We’re here so you can Craft Your Own Experience.

Large Group Reservations

We offer large group reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for groups of 15-50. Whether you’re looking for the meeting space or want to take things up a notch with party platters, we’re a refreshing change from your typical weekday watering hole. Email amy@burntcitybrewing.com for availability.

Birthday Treats – You may bring cookies or cupcakes to the Brew Yards if you’re celebrating something special.  We have a full dining menu and do not allow any other outside food. Please do not bring ice cream to the Brew Yards.

We do not offer any reservations on Friday or Saturdays. You are welcome to come in with a large group for regular business.

Private Events

Special Occassion? Wedding?

For the remainder of 2019, we will not be booking private events. To book a private event in 2020 you must have at least 200 guests. If you are interested in a private event in 2020, please email amy@burntcitybrewing.com for availability.