Events at the Brew Yards

Beer Cabanas

Our Beer Cabana’s are THE West Town destination for your summertime shindigs! Bring your buds, pour some beer and enjoy the rad patio vibes!

The DBY patio offers TWO Beer Cabanas, the Hey Buds Cabana and the Fresh Suds Cabana. These are essentially identical spaces on the DBY patio.
Cabana bookings include one tent & the designated space in front of it for 3 hours. These are ideal for casual groups of 10-30 guests that need a gathering space. Think of it as an outdoor “cocktail” party with lounge furniture and drink tables, rather than seats. Reservations must be paid for at the time of booking and are required for Cabana use. Reservations do not include food and drink.

Now grab your buds & have some fun!

Book a Beer Cabana!

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No Reservations

Outside of the Beer Cabanas, we do not take reservations. We are a first-come, first-serve establishment.
We do not take reservations for indoor tables. We do not offer semi-private events.

You are absolutely welcome to come in with a large group. The free-flowing nature of the Brew Yards makes us a great place for large, casual groups. Everyone gets in, everyone pays separately, everyone gets exactly the beer they want. We encourage you to embrace the laid-back atmosphere of DBY and get a big, friendly group together anytime.

You are welcome to arrive early and carve out some space for a forthcoming group, no one is stopping you. Your craft beer destiny is in your hands.

What if I want ALL of the Brew Yards?

A “buyout” is the only way to occupy the Brew Yards privately. Buyouts for DBY require a minimum of 300 guests and start at $30,000. If you’re interested in an event of this scale, please email amy@burntcitybrewing.com.