Current Drafts

Around the Bend Beer Co.

Villainous India Pale Ale 7.0%
It’s the most diabolical of plans. Four different yeast strains combine to  impart juiciness upfront, but with an off-dry finish. It’s the best of both worlds! A blend of the most coveted hops add grapefruit and passion fruit flavors in perfect compliment. A nefarious pleasure to be sure.

Vera Pistachio Cream Ale 5% 
Pistachios lend this delicate cream ale a luscious character and delicious flavor like no other beer you’ve tried before. We brew it with a touch of Caravienne malt, which adds slightly more body than your traditional cream ale. And at just 5% ABV, you’ll want to get crackin’ with more than one!

Ramblin’ Rose’ Rose’ Ale 5.0%
Light and effervescent, this Sparkling Ale will have you thinking Rose’ All Day! A wine-like acidity from hibiscus flowers and cranberries is offset by a pleasant, but not-too-sweet finish derived from the liberal use of raspberries and a touch of honey in the kettle.

Juice Trials No. 2 Double Hazy IPA 7%
Trials (noun): the act of trying, testing, or putting to the proof.
How much is too much when it comes to hops? How juicy can an IPA be? Dunno. Let’s find out. This first trial puts El Dorado and Ekuanot to the test revealing bold tropical fruit flavors reminiscent of pineapple and mango, in addition to a resinous back note. Examine the evidence for yourself — you be the judge.

Deliciosa Kiwi Pils 5%
From floral to citrus-y, sweet to sour, apple-y to strawberry-ish, the flavors of the humble kiwi are hard to pin down. Except to say that they are delicious! Add that hard-to-describe, yet familiar flavor to a crisp and refreshing pilsner and you’ve got yourself ATB’s Deliciosa Kiwi Pils.

Lost Sailor Dark n’ Stormy Ale 6%
The Dark and Stormy is one of the world’s classic cocktails, redolent with boozy dark rum flavors, piquant lime juice and spicy ginger beer. This beer mimics these flavors using blackstrap molasses, dried lime peel and fresh ginger layered into a dark wheat ale that is light in body to allow the signature flavors of the cocktail to shine through.  

Extra Circus V Brut IPA 7.5%
Welcome to the greatest show in beer! Extra Circus offers a bone-dry finish thanks to the special enzymes we brew with. No kettle hops means the bitterness is low, but we load-up on the dry hops for amazing aroma and flavor. In this case El dorado and Ekuanot hops for a double dose tropical fruit flavor with pronounced pineapple notes.

U.S. Blues Pale Ale 5.8%
U.S. Blues Pale Ale was created to celebrate everything that is great about craft beer in America today. Perfect in its simplicity, this beer is easy drinkin’ and packed with great hop flavor from loads of Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade hops. Perfect with our great DBY BBQ, let’s drink your health and share the wealth!

Cayman Review Tropical Stout 7.8% 
A stout in the summertime is an anachronism to some and essential to others. To make it just right for everyone, we kept this beauty vibing on the Caribbean with a touch of pineapple, a hint of coconut and some molasses in the kettle for that deep, rum-like flavor. Might go down easy, this is our Cayman Review.

Burnt City Brewing

Face Melter Hibiscus 7%
Big hop character reminiscent of grapefruit and mango with a touch of tart hibiscus. Finishes smooth with low-key bitterness.

Two Headed Boy Unfiltered Pilsner 5.1%
Honeyed malt and mild herbaceous hops. Our brewers drink more of this than anything else.

Pterodactyl Deathscream DDH DIPA 8%
Juicy, hazy, and over the top Pterodactyl Deathscream has been an ever-evolving project that truly shines in its newest incarnation. Citra, Ekuanot and Simcoe team up to make this big IPA scream with hoppy goodness.

Stave and Steel VIII: Tropical Funk 5.4%
An American pale ale hopped with Denali, fermented with fruity brett and kveik, then rounded out with toasted coconut and key lime juice. Peppery brett funk and juicy tropical fruit join forces in spectacular fashion.

Li’l Sparky Meyer Lemon Grisette 4.5%
Meyer lemon juice, mandarina hops and Voss kveik team up to add layers of delicious citrus flavors to this intensely quaffable farmhouse ale. Lightly tart without being sour. Mild malt character.

Vanilla Black Pit of Hatred Imperial Stout 11%
We took some of the latest batch of Black Pit and let it sit on a bunch of freshly-split Madagascar vanilla beans for about a month. Massive roasty flavors are smoothed out beautifully by the resulting vanilla flavor with fruity caramel malt serving as the third leg of this ferocious three-legged, four-headed beast of a beer.

Oktoberfest Lager 5.3%
Burnt City’s Oktoberfest Märzen celebrates the wonderful German tradition as respectfully as possible. Fancy German malt and hops were used in this flavorful, quaffable amber lager. Malt notes are prominent, but the beer finishes dry. Hop character is subtle, adding a gentle floral aroma.

Valhallan Oats Raw Farmhouse Ale with Honey and Hay 6.1%
Collaboration with Iron Monk Brewing Company
We teamed up with our buddies from Stillwater, Oklahoma to brew a Norwegian farmhouse-inspired raw ale. We added hay to the mash and Village Batch wildflower honey to the kettle to make a beer with flavors of freshly cut grass and mildly sweet malt. 

Polish Falcon Baltic Porter 9%
A big, dark beer dominated by dark fruit malt notes, Polish Falcon packs in a ton of flavor while remaining as smooth as a lager should be. 

Narwhal Polka Party Double NEIPA 8%
Juicy pineapple and fancy gooseberries jump out of the glass with this bold NEIPA. Made with Nelson Sauvin, Denali and Ekuanot hops and Hornindal kveik, it’s hard to believe that this beer didn’t have any fruit added to it.

Bold Dog Beer Co.

OK, FIIINE Double Dry Hopped Double IPA 7.7%
What else could you ask for? Wheat malt? Boosh! Oats to increase protein? YOU GOT IT! Mosaic addition at flame out? Huzzah! Dry-Hopped 2 days into fermentation? Ric Flair WOO! Second dry hop with Galaxy, Mosaic, AND NELSON SAUVIN!? *High Pitched siren noises* ISO: Other Exciting Phrases and HYPE FT: Around the world High Fives.

Gwen Hibiscus Lime Kolsch Style Ale 4.5%
Dedicated to our foster Gwen, a pink nosed, sweet, and a little mischievous bulldog. This Kolsch is light, crisp, with an added sweetness from the hibiscus, and a hint of tartness from the lime. Highlighting Loral, a hop known as “super noble” with herbal and light citrus notes.

Covered in Fur Peach & Kiwi Berliner Weisse 3.5%
You two must have dogs!
What gave it away?
Well your hat and shirt are covered in fur!
Welcome to the life of a dog owner. Peaches and Kiwis are also covered in fur just like our apparel. Drink a few of these and you might feel a little fuzzy too!

Who’s a Hazy Boi? Double Dry Hopped IPA 7.3%
Awwww, who’s a hazy little boi??!! Who wants a little Simcoe and Citra treat??? No need to play dead, or roll over, we’re giving you a nice little hazy surprise in your bowl today. You’ll get your daily dose of juicy fruits evened out by just a whisker of grapefruit & pine bitterness (It’s still an IPA after all). Best enjoyed super fresh while walking on your hind legs or sitting pretty.

Tilly Mango and Papaya Hefeweizen 4.6%
Tilly is named after our second foster, Matilda. Tilly is a Hefeweizen brewed with white wheat malt, papayas, mangos, and finished off with citrusy Cascade hops. We think it’s the perfect beer for sitting out in the sun but we are a little biased.

Sonny Sunflower Seed Munich Helles 4.7%
Jerome and Shari honeymooned in Europe. During the last leg of their trip they stayed in a hotel in Munich that had a brewery in the basement. It was there Shari fell in love with the Helles style. When they returned she requested that Jerome come up with a recipe. Shari also loves sunflowers, and Jerome recently heard about brewing with sunflower seeds, so that’s what he did. Crisp, subtly hopped with Loral hopped, and smooth malt flavor with a wheat malt like note from the sunflower seeds. We recommend drinking this outside on a hot, sunny day.

South of the Porter Margarita Inspired Porter 6.5%
A Robust Porter with a Margarita influence. We took our porter, rich with Brown and Chocolate malt and infused it with blue agave nectar and lime zest. Fermented with Voss Keik yeast specifically for Kveik Fest 2019.

Pierre Biere de Garde 8.2%
Oui! Parlez-vous chien? Je m’appelle Pierre. We wanted to brew a  Bière de Garde, so we did. A French style beer with French originating hops. Barbe Rouge hops give this French Farmhouse notes of mild spice and currants.

Elias Passion fruit Gose 4.4%
Please welcome our new little pup, Elias! From those cherished happy giggles and smiles, to the not-so-fun sleepless nights of screaming and crying, there’s no doubt this little one is equal parts sweet and sour, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Brewed with passion fruit, orange peel and pink Himalayan salt, this Gose will put a smile on your face, just as Elias does for us. This one comes to you from a very special place in our hearts, and we hope you enjoy it.

The Fourth Wall

Sapling Extra Dry 6.5%
A collaboration with Ela Orchards, this cider is dry, tart, ever-so-slightly funky, and bursting with apple flavor.

Sapling Barrel-Fermented Wild 7% 
This version of the Sapling collaboration was fermented in Chardonnay barrels, using only the indigenous yeast from the skins of the apples on the Ela Orchard. It is truly wild and unique. Quite tart, oaky, and funky.

MAIZAL Mexican Lager 4.7% Casa Humilde Cervecería Artesanal
Crisp and well-balanced lager. Brewed with just the right amount of corn which adds a nice and subtle sweetness to really round out this refreshing lager.

NOPALLI Farmhouse Ale with Prickly Pear 5% Casa Humilde Cervecería Artesanal
Effervescent and refreshing. Nice fruity aroma with a gentle, earthy bitterness. The prickly pear gives this beer a beautiful pinkish hue. We like to think of this beer as a mix of a beer and an agua fresca.

Cosmic Fountain Citra DIPA 7.5% Hop Butcher for the World