Current Drafts

Around the Bend Beer Co.

Vera Pistachio Cream Ale 5% 
Pistachios lend this delicate cream ale a luscious character and delicious flavor like no other beer you’ve tried before. We brew it with a touch of Caravienne malt, which adds slightly more body than your traditional cream ale. And at just 5% ABV, you’ll want to get crackin’ with more than one!

Ramblin’ Rose’ Rose’ Ale 5.0%
Light and effervescent, this Sparkling Ale will have you thinking Rose’ All Day! A wine-like acidity from hibiscus flowers and cranberries is offset by a pleasant, but not-too-sweet finish derived from the liberal use of raspberries and a touch of honey in the kettle.

Pennyfarthing Pilsner 5%
This German-style Pilsner is crisp and refreshing with a brilliant golden hue that has a way of making you seriously thirsty. It manages to be at once sharp and delicate; the spicy bite of hops is bold, but not so bold that it overwhelms your palate or the light bread-like flavors, which give this style a clean, not-too-bitter finish.

Proximal Barrel Aged Barleywine 13%
This graceful, English-style Barleywine spent over nine months in Route 12 Spirits rye barrels. Flavors of molasses, vanilla and toffee intertwine seamlessly with an alcoholic heat that lets you know you’re drinking a seriously big beer, but without overwhelming the palate.

Puffing Billy Brown Ale with Cacao Nibs 6.9%
We love Brown Ales. And you should too! Roasty malts and chocolaty flavors – what’s not to love? Ours is finished with cacao nibs to add another nuanced layer of chocolate aroma & flavor to the already complex interplay of this well-balanced ale.

Juice Trials No. 4 Hazy IPA 7.0%
Trials (noun): the act of trying, testing, or putting to the proof.
How much is too much when it comes to hops? How juicy can an IPA be? Dunno. Let’s find out. This fourth trial puts Mosaic, Simcoe and Bravo to the test revealing pronounced tropical fruit notes along with a bit of stone fruit. Examine the evidence for yourself — you be the judge.

Dark Star Stout with Chocolate and Orange 8.0%
Let’s drink stout. You and I. While we can. Graceful and silky with Ghiradelli dark chocolate and sweet orange. Coaxing other robust flavors from beyond their veil: caramel, toast, a slight bit of roast.

Villainous India Pale Ale 6.0%
It’s the most diabolical of plans. Four different yeast strains combine to  impart juiciness upfront, but with an off-dry finish. It’s the best of both worlds! A blend of the most coveted hops add grapefruit and passion fruit flavors in perfect compliment. A nefarious pleasure to be sure.

Extra Circus Brut IPA 7.5%
Welcome to the greatest show in beer! Extra Circus offers a bone-dry finish thanks to the special enzymes we brew with. No kettle hops means the bitterness is low, but we load-up on the dry hops for amazing aroma and flavor. In this case El dorado and Ekuanot hops for a double dose tropical fruit flavor with pronounced pineapple notes.

Recreational Chemistry Hazy IPA 6.7%
This is the first in our new series of Hazy IPAs focused on extracting the most flavor and aroma from hops. Using the latest scientific research available, we are employing new ideas and methods to amp-up the Haze. Like engineering a high level of beta glucans in the mash. Or eliminating oxygenated sesquiterpenes in the wort. Er,’s Galaxy & Mosaic hops. Yummy!

Burnt City Brewing

Face Melter Hibiscus IPA 7%
Big hop character reminiscent of grapefruit and mango with a touch of tart hibiscus. Finishes smooth with low-key bitterness.

Two Headed Boy Unfiltered Pilsner 5.1%
Honeyed malt and mild herbaceous hops. Our brewers drink more of this than anything else.

Barrel Aged Almond Pear Tart Imperial Golden Pastry Ale 11%
Made with pears, raspberries, vanilla, cinnamon and milk sugar then aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels to emulate Julia Child’s poached pear tart.

Bourbon Barrel Black Pit of Hatred Imperial Stout 13%
Black Pit of Hatred is a furious, yawning chasm of roasty despair fermented with the angriest Hornindal kveik we could find. This version was aged to perfection in Willett bourbon barrels. Consume it before it consumes you.

Twisted Fire Starter Farmhouse Ale 5%
The first version of Twisted Fire Starter is a blend of a stainless steel mixed fermentation and a white wine barrel Brettanomyces fermentation with a Hallertauer Blanc dry-hop. Mango fruity notes, an understated funkiness, and a long citrus and melon finish make this a complex and highly drinkable beer.

Like A BOSS West Coast Pale Ale 5.8% 
Our collaboration with the BOSS Brew Club is a throwback to the days of citrus, pine, and IBUs. Featuring Pacific Northwest Columbus, Simcoe, and Centennial hops, this pale ale is packed with enough delicious terpenes to make you reminisce about those heady days of youth, spent online, trading Hop Slams for Plinys.

Golden Triceratops Imperial Pastry Ale 11%
A strong, beautiful golden pastry ale brewed with toasted coconut flakes, Tahitian vanilla beans, cacao nibs, and milk sugar. Golden Triceratops is essentially liquid German chocolate cake. Rich, but nicely balanced, it’s a great dessert-themed beer to drink when you’re not in the mood for a stout.

The Next Big Thing Brown Ale 6.3%
2020 has been declared the Year of the Brown Ale by most accredited beer experts, and we’re ready to jump on that bandwagon with this delectable malt-bomb. Brewed with the finest English malts and hops, The Next Big Thing is roasty, toasty, and chuggalicious.

Kveik Minded III: The Dankening NEIPA 7%
To celebrate recent legislation in Illinois, we concocted an excessively dank entry in our Kveik Minded IPA series using the Voss kveik strain. Simcoe, Chinook, and Tomahawk hops sit around together on an old couch in their parents basement and stare at the pattern in the carpet. DID IT MOVE!? Awwww man, I… wait, what?

Sapling Extra Dry 6.5% 
A collaboration with Ela Orchards, this cider is dry, tart, ever-so-slightly funky, and bursting with apple flavor.

Bold Dog Beer Co.

South of the Porter Margarita Inspired Porter 6.5%
A Robust Porter with a Margarita influence. We took our porter, rich with Brown and Chocolate malt and infused it with blue agave nectar and lime zest. Fermented with Voss Keik yeast specifically for Kveik Fest 2019.

Midnight Warrior Hoppy Dark Ale 7.7%
Our tribute to our nocturnal foster bulldog Meatball. This Hoppy Dark Ale has hints of caramel and toffee with a touch of roastiness from the midnight wheat malt dueling with a blast of citrusy Mosaic and Citra hops. Rounded out with Hornindal Kveik yeast specifically for Kveik Fest 2019.

Sunday Night Couch Cuddles India Pale Lager 4.7%
The official beer of #shotgunday! We wanted to make something extremely chuggable. We used the strawberry and citrus notes of Belma hops.  Cuddle up to this full flavored hoppy lager with your favorite furry friends!

Wally Schwarzbier 5.1%
Dark as the night, but can still brighten your day…Wally is a very good boy and we hope you enjoy this German Style Dark Lager, also known as a Schwarzbier, in his honor. We brew this in the fall to celebrate both good beer and good friends.

Divinations Coffee Milk Stout 7%
Divinations: (n) :the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
Our coffee milk stout is brewed with lactose and an Ethiopian heirloom coffee bean from Passion House Roasters, with notes described as having bright coffee acidity and floral tasting notes. Balanced by the sweetness of the lactose, this beer has strong chocolate and caramel notes from the dark malts use in the grain bill.

Sugar Bear Stout with Cloudberry and Marshmallow 11%
He’s the sweetest white bulldog you ever did meet! This beer is dedicated to #BearKennedy, who resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Enjoy this creamy stout with hints of marshmallow, vanilla, and cloudberry — just like a warm Bear snuggle.

Quolassus Belgian Quad with Molasses 9%
This Belgian Quad is rich, smooth and dangerous. Molasses adds to the complexity combined with the delicious blend of malt richness, dark fruit flavors, and spicy elements.

Who’s a Hazy Boi? Double Dry Hopped IPA 7.3%
Awwww, who’s a hazy little boi??!! Who wants a little Simcoe and Citra treat??? No need to play dead, or roll over, we’re giving you a nice little hazy surprise in your bowl today. You’ll get your daily dose of juicy fruits evened out by just a whisker of grapefruit & pine bitterness (It’s still an IPA after all). Best enjoyed super fresh while walking on your hind legs or sitting pretty.

Tilly Mango and Papaya Hefeweizen 4.6%
Tilly is named after our second foster, Matilda. Tilly is a Hefeweizen brewed with white wheat malt, papayas, mangos, and finished off with citrusy Cascade hops. We think it’s the perfect beer for sitting out in the sun but we are a little biased.

Doug Strawberry Gose 4.4%
The winner of our 2019 National Bulldog Day Contest! Doug, also known as Bubs, is a tart strawberry Gose with Pink Himalayan salt. Dedicated to the loving, sweet squishy-faced bully that spends his days begging for treats and belly rubs. Doug may look tough, but this gentle giant loves to swim, sleep and snore. Which is what you can also do with this beer!

Casa Humilde Cervecería Artesanal

ALBA Vienna Style Lager 5.1%
Copper color.  Mild maltiness. Pleasantly toasty with a crisp finish.

NEBLINA Juicy Pale Ale 5.7%
Light body with a mild haziness. Citra and Amarillo hops really pop and make this pale ale an easy drinking tropical delight.

CAFECITO Coffee Porter 5.2%
Brewed with a Colombian blend of coffee. Balanced roasted flavor.

NOPALLI Farmhouse Ale 5%
Light red hue. Effervescent with a dry finish. Fruity aroma from the prickly pear and the late addition of Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. Think agua fresca meets beer.

PILON Belgian Strong Ale 7%
Traditional Belgian ale with a Mexican twist. Brewed with Mexican piloncillo sugar, coriander, orange peel and grains of paradise. 

Brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops. Pleasant grapefruit flavor. Medium bitterness.

TEMPESTAD Imperial Stout With Mexican Vanilla & Roasted Cacao 9%
Brewed with vanilla from Veracruz, Mexico and roasted cacao from Ecuador. Rich mouthfeel. Balanced soft tones of vanilla, caramel and chocolate.