Beer Cabana Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in a Beer Cabana? We’d love to have you! The Beer Cabanas are a fun, casual hang on the DBY patio. They’re perfect for groups of 10-30 people that want to guarantee themselves a gathering space. This is not seating for 30, but a space akin to a “cocktail” party setup and outdoor lounge.
Cabanas are always for 3-hour bookings. You will be expected to leave the Cabana when you’re reservation is over.
If you have more questions, please scroll through the prompts below to see if your questions are answered.

Do I have to book through Tock?
Are the Beer Cabanas different?

No, they’re essentially the same. 
The Fresh Suds Cabana literally has “fresh suds” printed on the back wall mural. It’s closest to the rest of the parking lot.
The Hey Buds Cabana is closest to Ashland Avenue. 

What's the Tock service fee?

The service fee is an online booking processing fee. It is not gratuity. We do not accept gratuity at DBY.

What about food and drink?

All food and drink is ala carte. Guests should enter through the main entrance, open their Beer Cards and use them for food & drink per usual.

Can I bring my own food?

No, we have a full kitchen and do not allow outside food. 

However, we do not offer dessert. We will permit cookies, cupcakes or donuts for those celebrating special occasions. We DO NOT recommend cake. We do not have plates or knives to cut the cake with. You might think this is no problem, but it ends up being very annoying for you and for us. Consider other options as better options. Do not bring ice cream to the District Brew Yards. It’s a mess.

Can I bring decorations?

You may bring decor as long as it does not interfere with other guests. You are expected to take it with you or throw it away when your reservation is over. 

Can my dog come?

Cabana bookings are on the patio. Therefore, they are dog-friendly. 

What about kids?

The District Brew Yards is a 21+ establishment.
Though kids 0-10 are allowed to sit on the patio, a Cabana booking is not an appropriate place for children. We politely ask that you leave your kids at home and enjoy the Brew Yards as an adults-only activity.

I have more than 30 people, what should I do?

If available, you’re welcome to book both Beer Cabanas at the same time. There is always a slight risk that someone will be making a reservation at the exact same time as you and you don’t get both tents, but it feels unlikely. 

I have more than 60 people, what should I do.

Unfortunately, we’re probably not the right place for you. We designate only the Beer Cabanas for reservations. If your group does not fit in this designated space, we encourage you to find a more suitable venue and enjoy DBY in smaller numbers. 

What's the deal with refunds?

You cannot cancel a Beer Cabana reservation, they are a non-refundable purchase.
You can make no alterations to your reservation within 72 hours of the booking.

Possible alterations:
If you’ve booked a Beer Cabana and now have a scheduling conflict, you can transfer your booking to an available future date.
If you’re unavailable to fulfill your Beer Cabana commitment, you can transfer your reservation to a friend.
Beer Cabana reservations continue rain or shine. If the day of weather is absolutely catastrophic, we can transfer your party to an available future date.

Do I have to pay for this?

The only way to guarantee your party space at the Brew Yards is to pay for a Beer Cabana reservation.

Beer Cabana bookings are made only through your own free will. We will never make you pay for one.