About Us

The nation’s first collective brewery, pour-your-own beer hall and shop under one roof. 


Not Your Everyday Tale

We Make Beer. 

District Brew Yards (aka “the Brew Yards”) is the first of its kind to house a collective production brewery, beer hall, and shop under one roof. That’s right, we do it all. We’re bringing small breweries together to share knowledge and assets in a collaborative manner.

Consider us a craft beer fan’s ultimate customizable experience. With four unique breweries, 40 pour-your-own drafts, specialty smoked meats & our rotating variety of packaged cans you can’t walk away from the Brew Yards without finding something you love.
It’s like a brewery crawl under one roof.

Adapt and Thrive.

It’s a team effort.
In this collective of brewers, you can’t help but notice the sense of community within the Brew Yards. We have a lot of flexibility to create distinctive recipes that both dial in on classic styles and take an educated approach to experimentation. Here you can always find something new and interesting on draft and in the shop’s cooler.

In it Together

We’re pooling our resources and betting on growth.
Each of our breweries has a unique opportunity to establish themselves while also scaling up their operations. Whether the Brew Yards acts as a permanent home or serves as a stepping stone, our model gives brands the freedom & flexibility to forge their own path.


Our Breweries

Around the Bend Beer Co.

Around The Bend Beer Co. takes classic styles and imbues them with an experimental edge. Some of their beers are a little goofy. Others are delicate and refined. But all damn delicious.

Bold Dog Beer Co.

Bold Dog Beer Co. was built on one couple’s shared love of craft beer and bulldogs. They focus on Belgian and American style brews and never fail to #bebold.

Burnt City Brewing

Burnt City Brewing creates dynamically drinkable and experimental beers. They find the balance between times you’re chillin’ on the stoop and times you wanna melt your face off.

Casa Humilde Cervecería

Casa Humilde was founded by Jose and Javier Lopez, 2 Mexican-American brothers from the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago. Their mission? Simple – to create great beers you can enjoy in any setting. #stayhumilde 

Take Us With You

We’ve got great BBQ. Order yourself an arm-full of brisket and you’re throwing one hellofa party. Or just enjoying Sunday night.

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We smoked all of our meats in-house until they’re melt-in-your-mouth perfect. Pair them with your favorite savory sides for comfort food at its most excellent. Pull into our 15 parking and scoop up your favorites the way home.

District Brew Yards BBQ Catering Smoked Wings

Whether you’re feeding hungry coworkers or demanind relatives, the Brew Yards catering is here for you. Add beer and it’s the easiest party planning you’ve ever done.

Order Catering

At the Brew Yards you can pick up 16oz cans of nearly everything we brew. Add a sweet brewery tee to your purchase and you’re the hit of the birthday party.

When he formed Around the Bend Beer Co. back in 2014, our founder, Dan Schedler, believed there was a better way to brew. He knew that the giant mega-breweries only cared about saving a buck, so they brewed cheap, flavorless beer. They brewed boring beer and tried to convince people it was good because the can would turn blue when it was cold. WTF?! 

No, there was a better way and it involved searching out forgotten beer styles and experimenting with non-traditional ingredients. This new way, at its core, was about navigating the road less traveled. It was about constantly searching for what might be around the next bend. 

So that’s what we do. We take classic styles and imbue them with an experimental edge. Some of our beers are a little goofy. Others are delicate and refined. But they’re all damn delicious. So pour yourself a glass and let’s find out together what’s Around the Bend. 

Dan Schedler - Founder/Brewer

Dan functions as the day-to-day leader of the organization. Prior to launching the brewery, he accumulated nearly 20 years experience as an ad-man and marketer, leading teams large and small to achieve success for blue-chip brands. But corporate America began to weigh on him and the entrepreneurial bug bit hard. He was also a home-brewer for 20+ years before launching ATB. So when it came time to do something new, there was never really any question about which path he would follow.  Dan also holds a certificate of completion from the Siebel Institute (America’s oldest brewing school) in brewing technology. 

Joe Cuozzo - Head Brewer

Joe had an already impressive brewing career before joining ATB, with over 17 years experience under his belt. His first stint as Head Brewer was for Skagway Brewing Co. where he compiled many awards including best beer in South East Alaska. After a year in the wilds, Joe decided to move back to San Diego where he became an assistant at Pizza Port Brewing and then Alesmith (named best brewery in the world, 2013). After establishing himself in the market, Joe soon took over as the brew master for Sports City Caféand Brewery where he won multiple GABF and World Beer Cup awards. During his tenure at Sports City, he also became the original President of the San Diego Brewers Guild. He subsequently helped launch several upstart breweries including Green Flash Brewing Co. Joe has worked with some of the best brewers in the world. He is committed to making the highest quality, most innovative beers possible.

Burnt City Brewing is a fearless and fiery empire where Ben and John Saller reign as lords over their fortress of hops and stainless-steel barracks. They carry with them weapons of mass sanitation and spontaneous fermentation and are never without spare tri-clamps. Flying through the skies on a pair of armed screaming pterodactyls, the Saller Brothers have made it their mission to disseminate the message that interesting and experimental beers can still be profoundly drinkable. Explore Burnt City at the District Brew Yards, and you might encounter one of these eccentric sovereigns in action.

Like all great love stories, Bold Dog Beer Company began with one couple discovering they shared the same passions. In this tail—err, tale—those passions were craft beer and bulldogs. While delving into experimental homebrewing (and spoiling their stubborn, yet faithful bulldog named Beefy), Jerome and Shari realized this hobby could morph into something larger. The Chicago couple jumped at the opportunity in 2015 to work with Lake Effect Brewing to learn the ins and outs of production brewing and selling craft beer.

But like all great love stories, tragedy loomed. During this same time, Jerome and Shari received bad news: They would have to say goodbye to their beloved bulldog. To soften the weight of the loss, they began volunteering as foster parents with the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue. Many of the Bulldogs who shared their home left a place in their hearts and inspired recipes for some of their most successful brews, including Tilly, C-Lo, and Gwen. Their love of these adorable and courageous creatures inspired their brewery name, Bold Dog.

Today, Bold Dog Beer Company focuses on Belgian and American style brews and will expand into German and other experimental styles at their new home at the District Brew Yards.

As for Jerome and Shari, they tied the knot in 2017 and are expecting their first non-fur kid in August 2019. They currently have two Bulldogs in the family.

Jerome - Founder

 Jerome is from the small town of Kewanee, Il. He grew up there playing sportsball and usually drawing stuff. After his 18th year, he decided to go to Bradley University in Peoria, Il and that’s where his life really started to change. His roommate Jake, started him down the craft beer path by showing him Sam Adams Cherry Wheat tastes a lot different than a Budweiser. It wasn’t until he moved into Chicago in 2011 that his love for craft beer truly took off. Living 3 doors down from one of the highest rated bottle shops in the city. He was trying new beers just about every other day. He was inspired by the beers of some of the alumni of that illustrious bottle shop were making. One day, he sat in on a brew day with some college friends and he was immediately hooked. Years later, after a lot of encouragement from friends and family, he and Shari decided to make Bold Dog Beer Company “a thing”.

Shari - Founder

Shari grew up in Massachusetts, eating clam chowder, cheering on the sox and the Pats, saying things like “wicked” and “bubbler”. One time, she visited her sister at college and tried a Keystone Light, then didn’t drink beer again for a while. Then she tried another beer, and it tasted much better, and suddenly, she drank beer again. Her love for craft beer started when her Dad would show off his beer fridge in the basement, and realized those all tasted really good too. Now, instead of ordering a light American lager at bars, she would order any beer that she had never heard of before. She went to college in Northern Kentucky, drank their beer for a while, and then made her way to Chicago, where she met Jerome, who thankfully, also liked craft beer. I guess, as they say, the rest is history!

Sarah - Graphic Designer

Sarah grew up in Rockford, Illinois, and also attended Bradley University (where she met Jerome, and soon after, Shari). Sarah’s beer journey started similar to most; imbibing in the standard American lager that was friendly on a college student’s wallet. But after she had a Gumballhead at Paul’s Club in Madison, Wisconsin, her beer life was forever changed. She quickly escalated from pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, and the rest is history. Her dream job has always been to design beer labels for a brewery, and look! Here we are!

Beefy - Mascot

The inspiration behind all of this! Jerome used his first paycheck after graduation to adopt Beefy. They were best buds in good times and bad. Beefy was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his lung in March of 2015. He fought as hard as he could but wasn’t able to win. He passed away on April 27, 2015.

Casa Humilde Cervecería Artesanal (“humble house” in Spanish) was founded by José and Javier Lopez, two Mexican-American brothers from the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago. Their mission is simple: to create great beers that can be enjoyed in any setting. Casa Humilde beers range from traditional and modern styles to beers with a twist that showcase traditional Latin ingredients near and dear to their roots.

Casa Humilde released their first two beers—Maizal Mexican Lager and Nopalli Prickly Pear Farmhouse Ale—at the Brew Yards in August 2019 and officially joined the beer hall with their own tap wall on November 1st.  #StayHumilde

Jose - Founder

José Lopez has always been a big fan of good music, good food and especially good beer. As a child, he would always buy the latest cassettes and CDs from his favorite bands, especially Los Tigres Del Norte. He always loves to try all kinds of food and really enjoys cooking. He is definitely not a picky eater!

After high school, he started a band with his friends and kept that band going for 8 years. After bringing his music career to an end, he decided it would be fun for him and his older brother Javier to learn how make beer similar to the craft beer they were enjoying at the time.

Four years into homebrewing, Casa Humildecerveceria has emerged and a new chapter in their brewing journey begins.

Javier - Founder

Growing up in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood, Javier Lopez, often helped his father in his craft of building iron fences around the Chicagoland area. These experiences instilled in Javier a strong work ethic and love of working with his hands. 

Being the first born son of Mexican immigrants, Javier is family-oriented, soft-spoken and an overall witty guy who has served on the Hermosa Neighborhood Association board for two consecutive years thus far. Graduating from Lincoln Tech after studying automotive technology, he switched gears completely and joined the Electricians Union Local 134, where he has been able to happily tinker his days away while starting a hobby: crafting beers and discovering ingredients at home with youngest brother, José.

Fast-forward four years to present times, and it’s safe to say that a simple hobby turned passion as Casa Humilde Cerveceria takes over Javier’s free time. His love of tinkering and family has helped lay a solid foundation for the vision of the brand as the Lopez brothers continue to expand their brewery business and connections. Still active in his community volunteer efforts, Javier hopes the expansion of Casa Humilde will provide space for opportunities to give back in the Hermosa community and bridge the gap between Mexican-American consumers and the craft beer industry.